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Meghan Boody creates vivid images and scenes that are led by a central narrative with whimsical and often disturbing imagery. She most often works in digital photocollage, but occasionally creates three-dimensional sculptures and other interactive objects. Boody’s best-known series is her Lighthouse Project, which comprises images that take place in a lush nineteenth-century Anglo countryside. There, Boody explains, "urchins and strays struggle to find their way." The series tells a story of a young girl, an inmate of a workhouse/asylum, who escapes when the building burns down. Her fanciful journey through the country landscape includes stops in a lighthouse, in a swampy secretion, and back to the rebuilt institution. Boody’s work engages Victorian aesthetics and language, even titling her Lighthouse Project photocollages with the first lines of famous nineteenth-century novels.

Meghan Boody lives and works in New York City.


Meghan Boody Meghan Boody Meghan Boody Meghan Boody Meghan Boody

All images provided courtesy of the artist.


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